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Introduction of Dr. Eiji Ozawa ND

Dr.OzawaDr. Ozawa treats his patients on scientific knowledge and clinical experience. The goal is to minimize the use of prescription drugs to reduce strain on the body and to avoid side effects. It's an entire holistic approach to treat physical symptoms as well as mental well being. He integrates body and mind by lifestyle consultation, craniosacral therapy, and nutrition for patients with pain and other physical symptoms. He can help you take back your power of health by encouraging the inherent self healing power of you, the individual.

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Torrance Office

  • 3220 Sepulveda Blvd. #103
  • Torrance, CA 90505
  • Phone: 310-326-8625
  • Fax: 310-326-1735

Naturopathy Spa & Wellness

  • 4001 Pacific Coast Highway #4013A
  • Torrance, CA 90505
  • Phone: 424-376-7404

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