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Wendy: Chronic sinus congestion and allergy


My daughter suffered from allergies that caused extensive sinus congestion. We had visited numerous other doctors who followed a conventional approach to my daughter's problem, by addressing the symptoms as opposed to the cause. That left us with a long list of prescription medication and no real relief. I believe that it is important to work with the body as opposed to treat the symptoms with medication, which has numerous and unwanted side-effects.

Dr. Ozawa was recommended to me by a good friend when I was trying to find natural ways to address my daughter's sinus problems. The initial consultation lasted about an hour and was very thorough and detailed. Dr. Ozawa took the time to ask a lot of questions and really listen to what concerned us. We learned how important it is for the lymph system to work properly and not create any blockages. It is a real pleasure to work with Dr. Ozawa. It is really great to feel that you are listened to, instead of being rushed through a five-minute appointment as it usually happens with other doctors. Dr. Ozawa is very knowledgeable and treats a person as a whole, looking at the different aspects that could bring imbalance in the body. I'm glad that Dr. Ozawa ordered blood work for my daughter so that we learned that she had sensitivities to foods that she was eating every single day!

Dr. Ozawa provided us with gentle guidance on how we can rotate foods so that we can avoid symptoms of food sensitivities, which made a difference in how my daughter feels. Dr. Ozawa also recommended certain homeopathics and nutritional supplements that contributed to my daughter feeling better. During the follow-up consultation my daughter had a craniosacral treatment that really improved her breathing through the nose. After a few sessions of craniosacral therapy and additional supplements, my daughter's sinuses improved a lot. She used to breathe through her mouth most of the time (even in her sleep) and now she breathes only through her nose when she sleeps and about 80% of the time when she is awake. We are very happy with her progress and plan to continue the craniosacral therapy as needed.

John: Detoxification


I tend to overcomplicate issues but Dr. Ozawa broke everything down into the simplest terms. There are many approaches to addressing our health issues and Dr. Ozawa helps sort out what's best, only operating on what he knows. I found Dr. Ozawa through our Alternative Health Network while seeking a solution to high cholesterol. He has provided knowledge and experience which I can take back to my MD to prevent taking standard medications.

Shifting to a cleansing diet has changed the way I eat forever and follow up consultations haves shown the nutritional supplements he suggested are helping to reduce my cholesterol. Management of my cholesterol due to hereditary issues is a lifelong journey but my health today is excellent.

Paul: Chronic Fatigue


I sought out Dr. Ozawa because I was suffering from reduced energy and fatigue as well as having difficulty sleeping. I had previously seen two medical doctors who could not find any reason for my condition nor suggest anything I could do to improve it. I saw him for the first time through a healthy living program organized by my employer, so I didn't specifically select Dr. Ozawa but I am now very happy to have got to know Dr. Ozawa through this program!

Dr. Ozawa took the time to ask many questions and review the results of blood work that had previously been ordered by another doctor, but that did not reveal to that doctor the reason for my condition. He then proceeded to explain his diagnosis and recommended treatment, in the short term and longer term, and answer my questions. I always felt like Dr. Ozawa took the time to make sure he could help me.

His recommendations usually proved useful and, overall, he has very much contributed to my current wellbeing. I already was careful with my eating habits, so the changes recommended by Dr. Ozawa were not significant or difficult to implement. Dr. Ozawa also recommended more exercise and some breathing exercises. While I am conscious of the benefits, sometimes it was difficult these regularly. Finally, I took prescription medicine for a few months until my situation improved, which was then replaced by nutritional supplements and herbs. I had several follow-up consultations, where Dr. Ozawa evaluated my progress and made changes as necessary to the treatment plan.

My health condition improved a lot over the first 6 months and then continued to improve further in the following 6 months. The health condition for which I saw Dr. Ozawa almost completely resolved itself, though there are times where I still feel the effects for a few weeks at a time. The prescription medicine was stopped and replaced by nutritional supplements. These were also adjusted with time and I am still taking some today. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Ozawa to have restored me to good health, after medical doctors could not do anything for me.

Elayne: Physical pain is under the control with Natural Medicine


I heard about Dr. Ozawa from a friend over three years ago. I had wanted to find a naturopath, but previously was not able to find someone I liked who could treat me naturally and successfully. I was suffering from a long-duration chronic cough from exposure to mold, and structural pain as a result of a fall just days before that had re-activated old injuries. I found my consultation with Dr. Ozawa very instructive, and the treatment for my injuries was marvelous.

The lab work ordered for the cough was most significant in determining diagnosis and treatment. I liked the process/treatments so much that I've been coming back ever since. He additionally put me on a course of herbs, homeopathics, nutritional supplements and some exercises. I have seen improvements in my complicated, long-standing conditions, but long term treatment is needed, So I will continue to visit him for those as well as other situations which may arise. I always learn something and get good treatment at follow up consultations.

Rubina: Chronic pancreatitis


I wanted to try some natural and holistic medicine as I have chronic pancreatitis and some other issues. So another health care provider suggested I try Dr. Ozawa. The initial consultation was just how I expected with a good, easily understandable diagnosis. Dr. Ozawa then ordered some lab work. It was all a very smooth transaction. I'm ok with eating more vegetables than meat – his diet/lifestyle suggestion.

The herbs and nutritional supplements he prescribed have resolved some of my problems, but I'm the worst person to treat: I've been through so many chronic conditions, I don't even ask any more! I've had many follow up appointments since and they were all ok. Dr. Ozawa is really good with his practice and I like his work. He's very sincere and very careful.

Steve: Men's Health and Supplement Advice


Dr. Ozawa proved very knowledgeable - right from my initial phone call to see if he is able to help improve my health - and he consistently improved my health: resolving issues with effective advice, treatments and supplements right from the start.

I was referred from acupuncturist, around 5 years ago and my initial consultation was very beneficial. It was just what I expected: Dr. Ozawa provided excellent advice and proposals that made sense to me, and delivered great results. He took his time listening and verifying that he understands the issue at hand, and he then provided a plan of action that solved many of my issues. The lab work ordered also helped identify deficient areas, so that improvements could be made.

Dr Ozawa is a very reasonable person and sets realistic expectations. He recommended some exercises that I found very beneficial. These exercises continue to be part of my daily routine. Follow up consultations showed that his plan worked as discussed prior, with good results. Because I have experienced such excellent results in the areas where Dr. Ozawa treated me, I intend to continue to follow his advice and use his supplement recommendations for the long term.

Maria: Acid reflex was gone completely by Visceral Manipulation


I was referred to Dr. Ozawa by another health care provider. I was suffering from chronic acid reflex and the medication I was taking didn't help my symptoms at all.

I found my consultations with Dr. Ozawa to be very good and easily understandable. He explained to me the mechanism of acid reflex very well and he gave me a visceral manipulation and soft tissue manipulation. My acid reflex was caused by my posture and diet so he also asked me to eat more healthy food and detailed the relationship between diet and acid reflex, which I had never thought about. As well as giving me the very gentle, hands-on therapy, visceral manipulation, he also treated me with herbs and nutritional supplements. Finally, he gave me instructions for stretching to help my posture.

I only saw him twice and my acid reflex was gone completely. Since then, I stopped taking anti-acid medication without any problem. I have not noticed any acid reflex for more than six months.

Carol: Complex Chronic Disease


I wanted to see a naturopathic doctor, to see what natural options would be available for my many health conditions, and to become healthier overall so I was referred to Dr. Ozawa by my medical doctor. I had been diagnosed a few years earlier with SLE (lupus), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and osteoarthritis, as well as high blood pressure and pre-diabetes.

I was surprised that I received a full hour for my initial appointment and have continued to have hour-long appointments. Dr. Ozawa has had many great options for me. I also find him very easy to work with: he has patience to listen to my concerns, and is very knowledgeable about any health or medical issue that you need help with. I was able to trade some of my traditional medications for more safe natural products that work just as well.

Dr. Ozawa ordered more extensive blood tests that most physicians do not give. He found out I was pre-diabetic, and need to be careful with my diet and life style. He had me start exercising and lowering my carbohydrates to manage these problems, since the carbs I ate were turning to sugars and then to fat. The end result was that I succeeded in losing 40 lbs. He also worked on my lymph system to make sure it is draining right. He has started me on several herbal and nutritional supplements, for increased energy, etc.

I am seeing Dr. Ozawa ongoing for treatment, and also receiving intravenous vitamin drips. I am controlling pain with craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage, and natural herbs. I still have to keep up with all of the IVs, herbs, etc. but I feel like I'm much healthier and more knowledgeable about controlling my health problems now. I didn't realize before becoming a patient of Dr. Ozawa's, of everything available to get myself back to a healthy state. Dr. Ozawa has helped more in my overall health than all of my other physicians. I recommend him highly.

Mari: Recovery from malpractice of western medicine


I was having serious medical situations. I had visited my Medical Doctor earlier who placed me on extensive antibiotics and sleeping pills, which were worsening my conditions. My roommate, after seeing my worsening conditions told me about Dr.Ozawa as she was also his patient. Then, I visited him for consultation because he is a Naturopathic Doctor and stays very close to my place. He advised me to stop taking all the drugs that I used to take earlier. He ordered me a lab work in which I was surprised to see the lab results. It was showing that I was anemic, which my former doctor did not notice. Now, to remove all those toxic medications that I had previously taken, he suggested me a 4 week detoxify program. It worked great, with improvements in my situation. He gave me herbs for supporting my immune systems, homeopathic remedy for my neck/shoulder pain, and supplements for my energy deficiency. Presently, I do take my supplements and herbs, but my medical conditions are normal and it is all due to the great work of Dr.Ozawa.

Yoko: Fibromyalgia was reduced by 70%

I had severe, long-term upper and lower back pain from fibromyalgia and lost my job because of it. I was looking a natural treatment and I found Dr. Ozawa through his website. I was looking for a different approach to fibromyalgia as I had seen general physicians, pain specialists, and chiropractors but nothing seemed to work for me.

In my initial consultation, Dr. Ozawa explained very well the causes of fibromyalgia and the natural treatment of it. One of major treatments he proposed was lymph drainage. Also he explained that heavy metal toxicity - mercury for example - is one of causes of fibromyalgia. He ordered a urine text to discover my heavy metal load: I was very high in mercury.

When I saw him first, I could not eat much because of the pain. But he gave me some guidance and, gradually, my appetite improved. Other treatments involved lymph drainage, craniosacral treatment, herbs, dietary supplements and vitamin B-12 shots. I have been seeing him weekly to receive the lymph drainage treatments and chelation to detoxify for mercury. After the first treatment, I noticed the improvement in my pain levels. So far, I have seen Dr. Ozawa for three months and pain was reduced by 70%. At the same time, my energy levels have also improved a lot. Finally, I succeed in reducing the accumulation the mercury in my body.

Todd: Environmental Toxicity


I discovered Dr. Ozawa through an internet search. I had developed problems with my bone density and was looking to see if I had toxicity problems. I also needed more supplement advice than I was getting. I don't remember all of my expectations for the initial consultation but I did start to learn about some of the nutrient testing though I did expect to get a more comprehensive medical history than I did. But Dr. Ozawa does have a calm and pleasant demeanor, which is good. He is also knowledgeable regarding supplements.

I have had a lot of lab work ordered over several months, so we've learned something from all of it. I was given some supplement info based on my tests and continue to take these supplements. I'm also continuing to follow up with Dr. Ozawa because my condition and treatment are ongoing.

My health is improved from 6 months ago (maybe by 33%), but my issues are very long term and complicated and serious and they require much more work and different types of therapies in addition naturopathy: I will be having my first surgery in 2 weeks. I am not even close to being in good shape yet. However, I am more hopeful than I was 6 months ago and will continue using naturopathy to help.

Albert: Neuropathy improved with Lymphatic Drainage and natural therapy

I am suffering from a medical condition known as neuropathy. Western medicines, interferon and antiviral are the main causes for neuropathy. While searching on the internet for a Lymphatic Drainage specialist, I came across Dr.Ozawa who has a sound knowledge in alternative medicines. In my first consultation with Dr.Ozawa, he took his time to listen to all my concerns and advised me in detail about maintaining a good exercise regime, eating foods that are more organic and eliminating sugary foods and alcohol. Instead, he placed me on supplements and herbs, and it worked great. He ordered lab works for keeping track of the disease. Now, I can see many noticeable improvements. My consultation with Dr.Ozawa continues and I am feeling better. It is all because of a combination of Lymphatic drainage, IV therapies, meditation and mostly because of Dr. Ozawa's positive attitude.

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